Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds
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Bob Marley & The WailersThree Little Birds
Golden NotesYes
Date08.12.09 - 16:04
Uploaded byCaruso
Song edited by:fepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
03.02.23 - 09:32 | admii2016
works perfect with .txt and vid. thx.

02.03.22 - 20:35 | googie

22.09.08 - 20:21 | Caruso
Well, I'm sorry.

I've been waiting 1 week or so, before I posted it here, leaving you some time to do it yourself
But it has been requested by some user so I just posted it

22.09.08 - 11:55 | Belford
Thanks for helping with this, great job, but you could"ve mentioned whose text files you improved!

18.07.08 - 00:04 | CaRs
das lied verschaft gute laune

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