Craig David feat. Sting - Rise And Fall
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Craig David feat. StingRise And Fall
Golden NotesYes
Date02.05.11 - 22:26
Created byultrastarsongs
Song edited by:Air-G
Rating (3)
Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!

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Comments by users (two cents)
31.01.23 - 13:26 | bohning

04.01.14 - 21:24 | lozboorman
well that is a rude thing to write considering you haven"t made any contributions. at least this person tried. There"s a lot of songs on here that need re working on but at least the text files are on here so people can work from them or would you rather people not upload them atall?

04.01.14 - 08:49 | askusbloodfist
Well sorry to say but theres almost nothing right about this even if you use the video suggested here. It starts out with Notes still not being the right timing. then theres pitch wrong and allot of other things that just are bad. i sugest who ever made this stops making songs or take more time doign them right.

16.07.09 - 20:33 | ceasarea
Thanks! Like it!

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