Bell Book & Candle - Rescue Me
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Bell Book & CandleRescue Me
Golden NotesYes
Date21.11.09 - 23:41
Uploaded byjalkazar
Song edited by:LittleLex
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Comments by users (two cents)
05.02.23 - 14:21 | bohning

02.04.10 - 13:47 | Trommelvlies
Thanks for your hard work

23.11.09 - 19:58 | jalkazar
oh, yeah thats probably what it is. Well I have nothing to with this songs. This is all LittleLexs work

23.11.09 - 17:54 | b4St1@fuN
Hi guys,

here in this database is a small bug, when songs have the same title but different artists! when somebody edited it, it arrives sometimes at the wrong artist.

Upload again, when we did something wrong and a short PM so I know what to do

23.11.09 - 17:20 | LittleLex
your buckcherry song is still uploaded..

i think they made a mistake because this text file was made by me..

i wondered too as i saw that you would have have created it..

23.11.09 - 10:15 | jalkazar
What happened? I uploaded a Buckcherry song

04.12.08 - 20:00 | Blackshot
Tolles Lied, leider schlecht umgesetzt. Die Satzanfänge sind immer synchron, allerdings lässt das von Wort zu Wort nach. Auch die Wörter sind unschön "getrennt". Als Beispiel

"res cue" für "rescue"

Es würde besser aussehen die Silben per Bindestrich zu trennen oder direkt zusammenzuschreiben (aber natürlich trotzdem getrennt singen)...

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