Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy
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Avenged SevenfoldAlmost Easy
Golden NotesYes
Date24.04.09 - 14:11
Uploaded byjalkazar
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Comments by users (two cents)
25.02.23 - 17:57 | Hoanzl
I agree with
JUGREE. Warmness On The Soul would be indeed a great song too.
It's the most emotion you will ever find on Sounding Of The Seventh Trumpet

11.02.23 - 20:09 | bohning

21.05.09 - 21:23 | JUGREE
Warmness of the sould would be a great song, and there isn"t too much lyrics so it would be easy

25.04.09 - 12:59 | JUGREE
i have been waiting for this ! thank you very much ! it wouldn"t do harm if you did make a couple more of avenged sevenfold songs

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