Avenged Sevenfold - Critical Acclaim
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Avenged SevenfoldCritical Acclaim
Golden NotesYes
Date03.05.09 - 16:15
Created byjalkazar
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18.03.10 - 01:42 | los7
Holy f*****g shit i got it )) I`m so happy guys!!! I download it from youtube and made it to mp3 cant believe still. Is there some other a7x song besides this 4? I cant find anymore :/

17.03.10 - 16:02 | jalkazar
I"ve used the album version for the song and it syncs perfectly. But you might have to alter the Start: settings or the Gap: settings

17.03.10 - 00:04 | los7
10x for all the help but my vista just cant be bugged with the GSMidi this kind a way. Can you send me the song with the timing fixed. I`ll be forever in debt - skype Heartfall, mail johnyricko@abv.bg. Please!

05.03.10 - 15:12 | Silverbeam
Yes, you need to install proper audio drivers for your system...

Anyway you need to go to the song first before hitting E. Enter sing mode and when you are at the "song selection", that is where you can pick a song to sing hit E and you can make the adjustments.

05.03.10 - 15:08 | los7
Allright guys 10x for the help but when i press E on ultrastarthe program shuts down and the following message apperas - "midi output device microsoft gs wavetable missing" so i must install it to manage my songs i suppose?

01.03.10 - 22:01 | Silverbeam
You probably just have to change the GAP.
Hit E, when you are in the song selection and use "0" and "9" to adjust the value.

01.03.10 - 20:05 | jalkazar
Just sync it

01.03.10 - 00:11 | los7
Is it working with u and this .txt. With me is 3-4 seks faster. Any ideas?

25.02.10 - 17:53 | jalkazar
Studio version

22.02.10 - 00:23 | los7
What version of mp3 must be used, i`m having serious problems with the timing from the studio version of the song. Can someone kindly say which version of the song must be used - live, studion or single version - i tried couple but the timing is all messed up

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