Akon feat. Keri Hilson - Oh Africa (World Cup 2010)
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Akon feat. Keri HilsonOh Africa (World Cup 2010)
Golden NotesYes
Date03.03.10 - 23:33
Uploaded byBasti
Song edited by:snake84
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Comments by users (two cents)
09.10.23 - 12:47 | bohning

09.08.16 - 15:20 | burzeltag
Vielen Dank!

03.03.10 - 23:36 | Basti
Yes, I"ve edited back, because I think if you hear this song many times, you know, how to sing it!

And if there is something to sing, then you have to sing! For every song!

03.03.10 - 23:15 | snake84
Cause when you select the song you got like 0,4 seconds to start singing and if you dont know the song it´s pretty hard (maybe it would be enough to just F out the first screen). But when you have heard the part once maybe you can sing it in the end? It is your creation and if you want to edit it back to they way it was it is ofcourse ok.

03.03.10 - 23:08 | Basti
I didn"t test it, but I don"t believe it!

By the way: Why do you freestyle at the beginning the Ohehawehoweha and not at the ending?

03.03.10 - 23:00 | snake84
Both your first and the edited version suit the single mp3 and the video. Thanks for this song anyway

03.03.10 - 22:54 | Basti
Hhmm... my version was a little bit better I think. But maybe I have another mp3...

03.03.10 - 22:14 | snake84
Just adjusted bpm and sync even though it was already good

03.03.10 - 21:24 | snake84

03.03.10 - 21:12 | michas17j
Big Thank!!

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