BoySetsFire - My Life In The Knife Trade
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BoySetsFireMy Life In The Knife Trade
Golden NotesYes
Date31.05.10 - 09:11
Created byfepo
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Comments by users (two cents)
22.02.11 - 15:52 | Sepelator
Ach was, hab ja nur mit dir gesprochen, fepo. Ein Bier ist also im Pott. Das Angebot steht

16.02.11 - 15:46 | fepo
Sepelator: Hör was Basti sagt, da kann man hier mal schnell arm werden

16.02.11 - 15:27 | b4St1@fuN
Sag das nicht zu laut, denn sehr viele hier sind deutsch

Oder fepo? Ein Bier nehmen wir doch gerne mit

16.02.11 - 14:08 | Sepelator
I just discovered UltraStar today, and it"s so great! Why doesn"t everybody just accept that Singstar sucks?

The Boysetsfire-Txt is very cool. If you do Requiem, you"ll get a beer next time you come to Germany

01.06.10 - 15:45 | B3rnh4rd
nice song, nice band

how about rookie or requiem!?

01.06.10 - 11:48 | fepo
Thanks for your comments guys I´ll be glad when you can rate the work of this Song ( Notepitch and Notelenght and timing), so i can work better next time. But when you think it"s perfect, give me 5 Stars

Thanks to Kintaro84 for the Pre Work

01.06.10 - 00:26 | hurzharz
love it

31.05.10 - 23:06 | Kintaro84
this is so amazing. one of the best and greatest post hardcore bands. i"m so thankful that you build up this song. thanks thanks thanks

31.05.10 - 22:05 | bohning
Cool song, never heard of the band before! Thanks for this one, fepo

31.05.10 - 10:22 | fepo
I think this Video fits perfectly

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