Craig David - Insomnia
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Craig DavidInsomnia
Golden NotesYes
Date25.06.10 - 17:36
Created bySebsen82
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14.07.10 - 18:45 | fepo
Hi, don"t be angry. I didn"t make bad rates, it"s a lot of work to do a TXT and i was also a rookie. Only some Lyrics are not right It"s not to much. The Tonepitch is ok but the lenght of Notes and the timing is a interpretation of the Musican the had made the File. When it"s OK, i upload the edited TXT when i"m ready. I use also the Audio from the Video below. Most of timing problems are at the first 15 lines. After correction the Rest runs better.

14.07.10 - 16:35 | Sebsen82
I used the youtube-video as audiosource. That should work properly. It does on my system. Just a feature of ultrastar deluxe mod.

I took the notes from piano-notes I found with google, because there is no midi or anything else for this song available. Maybe there aren"t as good as I hoped. When I try to sing the song, it sounds right.

Errors in the lyrics would surprise me, because I looked over it a thousand times.

I"m looking forward to any kind of help. It was my first song, so never mind.

Just send a pm or edit it on your own. It's fine with me.

13.07.10 - 22:38 | fepo
It's not only to change the BPM. The whole Song is an half note to high ( I think so) and the tuning is out of the Video. There are problems with the cut of the sylables and there are errors in the Lyrics. My Daughter love this Song. So i try to edit this.

13.07.10 - 17:37 | Devilsasa
The music is faster than the lyrics and I canĀ“t fix it, even changing the gap

26.06.10 - 13:04 | Sebsen82

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