Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God
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Avenged SevenfoldDear God
Golden NotesYes
Date02.03.23 - 07:03
Created bycyrza
Song edited by:Hoanzl
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Audio Samplekein sample vorhanden!

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Comments by users (two cents)
02.03.23 - 01:02 | Hoanzl
So this was the first version of this song on usdb

Although the other version, that has been uploaded on the ninth of november 2011 by
reck0ing had reduced (halved) bpm, it seemed like it was based on this version.
I compared the two versions and figured that they both have their advantages and downsides. So I made a version that combined the advantages of both versions. I thought it would be best to avoid duplicates in order to prevent confusion.
I also did further finetuning regarding the pitch changes and uploaded it as an edit to this version. But I wanted to mention the other version to acknowledge
reck0nings contribution to the txt too.

02.02.23 - 20:42 | Hoanzl

10.07.11 - 05:19 | Hideato Takarai
i like it

06.04.11 - 20:47 | reems
Nice txt, but there are a few problems. There are lines missing and some of the words are off on their timing.

05.09.10 - 03:21 | Redbox69
Thanks a lot for this song, it works perfectly

02.08.10 - 20:18 | reaper
thank you so much for this great song!

16.07.10 - 12:01 | los7
Very nice ! I checked its working perfect. Are u working on some other a7x songs btw?

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