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Imagine Dragons - Eyes Closed From DoubleDee73 | 17.05.2024 23:49
Tenmon feat. Elisa - Ebullient Future (TV) From bohning | 17.05.2024 21:50
Ochman - River (ESC 2022 Poland) From blackcat6 | 17.05.2024 14:46
Corrected the tone at 334. I set the tone at 3009 for a better transition from the tone before to the tone after, it's not necessary but wouldn't cal...
Avi Kaplan feat. Joy Williams - All Is Well From bohning | 16.05.2024 20:50
Silvester Belt - Luktelk (ESC 2024 Lithuania) From blackcat6 | 16.05.2024 10:40
I'm wondering about the GAP, did we use different videos? I used the performance of the Grand Final, the video that bohning posted. I sang the song af...
Olivia Rodrigo - Can’t Catch Me Now From DoubleDee73 | 16.05.2024 10:24
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlM6lcFbLSg[/youtube] While this wasn't exactly a chart-breaker, but I really dig this song.
Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga (Will Ferrell & Rachel McAdams) - Double Trouble From servok | 15.05.2024 23:51
Melody revision, some sync, metatags
Eros Ramazzotti - Cose della vita From servok | 15.05.2024 23:02
Corrected syllables, melody, added some lines, metatags. But an Italian speaker should check the lyrics.
Taylor Swift feat. Post Malone - Fortnight From DoubleDee73 | 15.05.2024 21:09
Silvester Belt - Luktelk (ESC 2024 Lithuania) From lava | 15.05.2024 20:51
fixed a few more things



From SsX

Hey there
Hope you do not miss the april fool
I just want to hand in a tutorial on how to adjust Songfiles to fit with your mp3 or Video file.
*wave with my hands*

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